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EVO Series - The next level
  • up to 70% higher productivity in hard rock
  • up to 60% digging cost reduction
Surface Mining Technology

Tesmec Rock Hawg technology allows excavating in a cost-effective way even strong and unfractured rock completely sub

Why using a Trencher?

Trenching is the most cost-efficient solution for most applications.

Recysoil – mobile recycling center of excavated material and construction waste

RECYSOIL® is a mobile in-situ recycling solution for trench cuttings and construction waste in self-compacting mortar

Customized Working Methodology – SNCF Network, France

The TEMFerro consortium of TSO, Mobility, ETF and Setec Ferroviaire has developed a fleet of high-performance on-trac

Clean & Fast solutions for FTTx

The increasing use of fiber optics and new generation networks such as 5G in the telecom sector has boosted the devel

Proud to create trenchers and surface miners

Tesmec trenchers and surface miners boast decades of history of pioneering innovation, and facilities in different Co

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